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One thing I learned from my walk across Spain last year is that all great adventures begin with a few nervous first steps and this month I took those nervous steps and launched my project, What’s Your Story? A project long kept from the world because of my own self doubt and the fear of failure.


It all began when my family reminded me that April 11th was my brothers birthday. I had only just finished writing my story (insert button to read more) and was thinking about the task of editing it when it struck me, I should set my story free. If I was to ask people their story it was right that I share mine. So with one last spell check (although I am sure there are more) I created the web pages and posted it on my site.

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Within hours of posting I felt a great release, as if this story was a frog in my throat and once declared to world, it was suddenly free. Although I had never lied about my past or hidden from it, I had never faced it down with such force before, I had never stood up and bared my story to the world, but now I had and I was beginning to feel its effect.

My first subject outside of London was David Sanger, a horse drawn showman who has lived on the road for over 15 years. With his 3 hard working horses and 2 little dogs, Dave travels the land with his stage living in hedge rows and verges visiting sacred sites and festivals along the way.


This trip though was also a first for Dave, he had built a new wagon to accommodate his new family and had been in Glastonbury for over 5 months completing the work. This meant staying in one location which is a very rare thing for Dave to do.

We set out across the Somerset levels from Glastonbury to Wells, Dave with his three horses and me on my bike, camera in hand. Travelling at about 3 miles an hour is an idyllic pace, one which I feel we should travel more at, but sadly not all road users, even on a Sunday seemed to agree. Drivers to impatient to wait overtake with little respect of the horses lives.

I was only with Dave for a few days but in that time I could see how hard a life it is and how much effort it takes to keep 3 horses, 2 dogs and stage on the road.

Dave is also an accomplished musician and we have hatched a plan to make some youtube session films from his wagon, calling them the Sanger’s Solar Stage Sessions, well why not hey.

If feels right to me that I give something back quickly to the subjects who share their story with me. The film might take years to fully surface so making content that can facilitate the people I film makes for a karmic loop which benefits all. So for Dave, youtube is merely a digital extension of his stage, a way to share with more people the great acts that appear on Sanger’s Stage.

The unknown used to be a scary place for me, the fear of not knowing an outcome put me off trying sometimes, but now having at least begun something I feel at least something will happen, even if its not how its planned.

My Story!

This is the story behind one filmmaker’s desire to tell a new kind of story.

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This is my story but more importantly, what will your story be?


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