Consultaion and Edit commission

The Moneyless Manifesto

Film and Edit Commission

Meet The Sock Mob

Film and Edit Commission


Filming Commission

No One Is Illegal

Film and Edit Commission

Hey Lord

Film Commission

Disabled Guy

Film and Edit Commission

A Christmas Miracle

Film and Edit Commission

HM Treasury

Film Commission

Gillingham FC

Film and Edit Commission

Sky Sports Italia

Various Film and Editing Commissions

Small Town Folk

Commissioned by the Producers to create a behind the scenes film.

Sunrise Celebration

End to End commission to raise festival online potfolio.

Exped Adventure

Commissioned by Exped Adventures to produce a promotional film.

Dont Leave Me Now

Commissioned by the band James and The Peach, to produce there

Pimp My Tent

Commissioned by The Kindness Offensive to make 3 minute viral

10 O’Clock Bruise

Commissioned to provide a monty python type comedy film.

The Box

Commissioned by G2TV to film several separate drama sequences

Blue Reach

Commissioned to light and film various elements for a DVD.

PTV @ Off Grid

Commissioned to co-produce, shoot and edit a 3 minute news item.